Ready to Jump Start your Spring Wellness Goals?

Sunflower microgreens are a delicious super food; tasty and high in nutrients. Mine are grown with love, infused with Reiki and loaded with CHI!

Great in sandwiches, smoothies, salads or just munch them down by the handful.

This first crop is ready to harvest in a couple of days and is very special as it was planted on the Spring Equinox.  Perfect way to launch new beginnings. Additional crops are planned for harvest on a weekly basis.

These super special sunflower microgreens are packaged by the pound. I’m offering them up on a donation basis to help offset the cost of my continuing education and practicum as a Reiki Practitioner. (Market value is $25.00 per lb. Suggested donation is $10-$15)

I’m also offering free 30 minute Reiki Sessions:) It’s a great way to get your groove on for summer and my place is easy to find; conveniently located in North Central Austin near the Monkey Nest Café on Burnet Rd.

Contact me at if you are interested, so we can schedule an appointment. Please put Sunflower in the subject line.

Wishing you all the best of health and happiness.


Candi Duke


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